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About Smart Start Play School

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Smart Start Play Schools Philosophy is …

Our program acknowledges the uniqueness of all children.  Our educators facilitate each child’s growth by providing rich and stimulating activities.  Balanced to provide opportunities in all educational areas, our program offers carefully planned learning centers.  These concrete experiences promote cognitive and social skills and encourage self-esteem.

A Partnership For The Future

We believe families and educators must join together as partners.  Respecting the importance of family ties and traditions strengthens the bond between home and school as each child’s world expands.  We encourage parent involvement through developmental reports, parent-teacher interviews and Parent Advisory Committee Meetings.

We offer children an environment in which they have maximum potential to experience secure, stimulating, healthy and enjoyable opportunities for growth.

We offer a low staff to child ratio to ensure that your child is being cared for and taught properly. For your child’s nutrition, we provide 2 meals and 2 snacks.

Early Bird Gets The Worm!

Intelligence and social skills are set at an early age — and both are essential for success. Many major economic and social problems in America — crime, teenage pregnancy, high school drop-out rates, adverse health conditions — can be traced to low levels of skill and social ability such as attentiveness, persistence, impulse control. We focus on the development of cognitive skills where intelligence can be tested, but we ignore the development of social skills. When social skills are combined at an early age with cognitive skills, they help create more capable and productive citizens. We must invest in the early development of the cognitive and social skills package in order to create better success for individuals and society.



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Meegan R..

“Susan at Smart Start has such a vision for educating children and encouraging growth and active play. This is not just another daycare. If you want your children to thrive in a safe, loving and educational environment that will best prepare them for kindergarten and life in general, there is no question, Smart Start is the place to go.”
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Katie L.

“Very forward thinking staff and director. Children will love the exposure to early childhood literacy. Great beginning to becoming kindergarten ready!”
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