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Our professionals strive to maintain the highest standards of teaching.  We believe professional development provides teachers with new skills and information on current issues.  Our staff will consist of Early Learning educators that will be interning with us to help them with their Early Childhood Education career.  We are happy to support local Community Colleges and Universities in implementing our Internship program.


Applicant Submission Requirments:

1) Record of qualifications, including proof of credentials for trained staff.
2) Current health assessment and immunization record
3) Background check and fingerprint check with the State of OR, WA, ID
4) Clear response to a current criminal reference check
5) Written acknowledgment of the following policies

  • Behaviour Management Contract
  • Pledge of Confidentiality
  • Access and Equity Policy
  • Child Abuse Policy

Annual Requirements

  • First Aid Training
  • CPR Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • A Review of the Above Policies

Supply Staff

When permanent staff members are absent, supply staff are employed to deliver our programs.  Supply staff must meet the same requirements as the staff being replaced.