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Application & Registration Procedure

Applications are considered based upon:

  • Space availability
  • Child’s compatibility with the program
  • Child’s age
  • Immunization record photocopy
  • Registration Forms
Application & Registration Procedure

PLEASE NOTE: All forms must be updated annually. And are specific to your work schedule.

Wait List

Please still come for your tour, visit our site and get to know us. Before you come for the tour, we will let you know if we have openings. If we do not have an opening at the time of your tour, we will email you a packet to fill out, giving us information on your child and the day’s and hours you are needing for care with your desired start date. It will go into our system to generate an automated voice blast and email saying that we have openings. Our policy is first come first serve. So, what we do is in the month of our opening we blast out to all the families who told us they had an anticipated start date of that same month and all those families get the blast at the same time. The first one or two families who can book with us and enroll will get those spaces. We do this because it helps us save time, which helps us focus more on children and learning and caring.

If we cannot accommodate you, we will refer you to a school that will do a great job.

School Tour and Orientation

During your tour we will conduct an “Interactive Needs Assessment” so that we can really understand and respond to your fears, concerns, past experiences, desires and objections. We hope to build rapport, trust, and shared understandings. Some questions we might ask you would be, “What are the goals for your child while with us?”, “Do you have concerns about Kindergarten Readiness?”, and “Tell me about any parenting challenges you have and how we can help.” We will go over our philosophy and practices so you know about our program and what we expect of you and your child.

Further Steps

Once enrolled, and before your child begins in regular programming, he/she will participate in an orientation session the first day of care, which will assist them in acclimatizing to new surroundings and routines.

The first two weeks of care are an adjustment period. During the first few days, parents are encouraged to stay with their child as long as required, progressing to short absences. Once deciding to leave, It is preferable to not hesitate when saying goodbye. Empower your child by assuring him/her that they will have fun and you will be back. It helps to offer your child something to look forward to at the end of the day such as “After Preschool we’ll go home and have your favorite snack/stop by the park/visit Grandma etc”. Any hesitation on your part gives your child the impression that you are unsure and worried about leaving them at preschool…show your child you trust and believe in them!